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Guided Meditation for Confidence with Vanessa Murphy - Bonus Episode
Bonus Episode17th May 2023 • Women In Confidence • Vanessa Murphy
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In this bonus episode I will guide you through a transformative meditation designed to awaken your confidence and help you visualise your ideal confident life.

It is easy to lose touch with our innate power and forget the incredible strengths we posses. But within us lies the whisperings of confidence waiting to get out and be heard.

So find a quiet space where you won't be disturbed. Turn off your phone and remove any other distractions. You can do this meditation at any time of the day. It is only 15 minutes long so it can fit around your lifestyle. Listen on the train or bus during the commute, when you wake up in the morning and you are still in the warmth and comfort of your bed or at the end of the day when you are winding down. Please don't listen to this episode if you are driving and need full concentration for safety reasons.

Enjoy xxx

Hello, I'm Vanessa, the host of Women In Confidence. Welcome and thanks for listening. I designed this podcast to appeal to working women who want to understand what confidence is, what you can do to build (or rebuild) your confidence and then maintain it. I interview amazing women who have genuine stories to tell about their journey through life and how they manage the ups and downs of life. My vision is for my listeners to try something that has worked for my guests and if it changes their lives then I feel that the podcast has been a positive contribution to the world.

Try doing this meditation for the next 14 days and see how your life changes.

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I hope 2023 has going well for you. My ambition for Women In Confidence, this year, is to reach some record download numbers per episode and to find a sponsor. Let me know what you are hoping to achieve in 2023.

Vanessa xx

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Hello and welcome to this bonus episode of the Women in Confidence Podcast. I'm your host, Vanessa, and I'm thrilled today to guide you through a transformative experience. In this episode, we're gonna be doing something a little bit different, and we're gonna be taking a break from interviewing a guest.

And instead, I'll take you through a guided meditation as a tool to cultivate unwavering confidence. So together we're going to embark on a journey of self-discovery, leaving behind self-doubt and embracing the rag energy within us.

Confidence is something that many of us struggle with, especially in today's world, where social media and the comparison culture can often be make us feel inadequate. But the great news is confidence is something that can be learned and practiced just like any other skill, guilt. So if you're feeling a little low in confidence lately, or simply want to improve your self-esteem, then this guided meditation is perfect for you.

So find a comfortable sport. Take a deep breath, and let's get started on this journey to gently release fears and lock in a strengths and to foster a deep sense of self-assurance.

Get ready to tap into your inner wellspring of confidence because you are capable of incredible things. Now let's begin.

Welcome to this guided visualization meditation for manifesting your dream. Confident life

manifestation is a powerful tool that allows you to attract and create the life you desire. By harnessing the power of your thoughts and beliefs, you can align yourself with a confident life you envision. In this meditation, we will embark on a journey to help you visualize and connect with your dream self, allowing you to tap into the abundant confidence within you.

Find a comfortable position. Either sitting or lying down and taking a moment to center yourself

gently close your eyes and take a deep breath in through the nose, allowing your chest and abdomen to expand fully. Hold your breath for a moment.

And then exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing any tension or stress. Take a few more deep breaths, letting go of any thoughts or distractions, and allow yourself to settle into a state of calm and relaxation.

Now I invite you to imagine yourself standing in a beautiful, serene space.

This is your dream confident life.

Take a moment to observe your surroundings.

Notice the colors,

the textures, and the atmosphere of this place.

Feel the positive energy soak up the positive energy

and the sense of peace that surrounds you. You.

As you look around, envision your dream self, the confident version of yourself that you aspire to be.

See yourself standing tall,

radiating self-assurance, and a strong sense of belief in your abilities.

A moment to observe your dream posture, your facial expressions, and.

Now, imagine what your dream self is doing in this confident life.

Are you pursuing a fulfilling career? Are you engaging in meaningful relationships?

Are you pursuing your passions and hobbies?

Visualize yourself engaging in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Picture yourself excelling in your endeavors, accomplishing your goals with ease and with confidence.

Now take a moment to consider the people who are present in your dream confident life.

Who are the individuals who you

imagine the positive connections and relationships you have? Surrounded by people who believe in you and inspire you to be your best self.

Visualize their faces, visualize what they're doing, visualize what they're saying to you.

Visualize those moments of shared laughter, encouragement, and love.

Now, notice what your dream self is wearing in this competent life. Choose an outfit that represents your authentic style and makes you feel great.

Feel the fabric against your skin and notice how it enhances your confidence and self-expression.

Embrace yourself, love yourself, and embrace your unique sense of fashion and style.

Remember, seeing your dream self is the first step towards living that life.

Embrace this vision as a testament to your potential and the limitless possibilities that lie within you.

Allow this visualization to strengthen your belief in yourself and your ability to manifest your dream confident life.

Carry on in this dreamlike state. Enjoying being a confident woman, and I'll come back to you in a few minutes.

Now take a moment to congratulate yourself for investing this time in you and your dreams.

Recognize the power of visualization and the impact it can have on your life. Trust that you have taken an important step towards manifesting.

Slowly bring your awareness back, your breath. Take a deep breath in.

Feeling the air fell your lungs, and then exhale, fully

releasing any remaining tension or stress. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and when you're ready, gently open your eyes.

Coming back to full awareness of your surroundings.

Carry the vision of your dream, confident life with you throughout the day, knowing that you have the ability to manifest it into reality.

Trust in your own power, and take inspired action to bring your dreams to life.

You are capable, confident, and deserving all the success and happiness that awaits you.

Remember, you have the power to manifest your dream confident life. Nurture this vision. Believe in yourself, and take inspired action towards creating the life you desire.

Congratulations on taking this important step towards manifesting your dreams.

Have a great day.

Until next time.



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