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How to Own Your Own Orgasm Part 2
Episode 1218th January 2023 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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Are you a leech in bed?

Today we’ll talk about how to practice RECEIVING what you want instead of TAKING.

1.    We’ll examine the link between wanting and receiving

2.    You’ll discover why you don’t want to be a leech in bed

3.    And you’ll get a habit to help you RECEIVE pleasure so you don’t have to be grabby and TAKE the pleasure the crave

We'll look at how easy it is for kids to receive pleasure, and all the messages a kid like you received about resisting pleasure.

Today's habit for your happily ever after will help you indulge a forbidden pleasure.

This week's date night discussion will invite you to tell your lover how much fun it is to watch them quench a deep desire.




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