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Bootstrapping, Money vs Time - Protecting Your Time Series
Episode 66th February 2023 • Buckets & Boom Gates • Kim White & Kerry Zarb
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Can saving a few dollars cost your business major growth in the long run? Join Kim and Kerry in the Buckets and Boom Gates studio as they discuss their experiences with bootstrapping in business. And how you can figure out when it's right (and wrong) for you.

  • What can bootstrapping look like?
  • A lot of us are "hardaholics" (as Justin Guarini says)
  • Are you taking the hard route in your business without slowing down to see what the other route looks like?
  • Is bootstrapping actually costing you business?

Bootstrapping is not a bad thing, but it will cost you more than you can afford to pay if you're not careful. If you will slow down and count the cost of time, bandwidth, and money, and make your choices from that, your business will grow the right way.

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To connect with Kerry Zarb and find out more about the bean$ in your business, you can go straight to her website and you’ll find her there!

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