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4 | The Truth Behind Empathy-Driven Brand Storytelling ft: Sarah Panus
5th October 2021 • Community Powered Marketing • Sue Frech
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Is your brand storytelling empathy-driven?

There's been a growing sense of distrust among audiences toward the media. On the other hand, the trust level toward brands has been increasing. 

In this episode of "Community Powered Marketing," Sue is joined by Sarah Panus, Brand Storytelling Strategist, CEO and founder of Kindred Speaks and the host of her very own podcast, "Marketing with Empathy." Sarah spent 20 years on the corporate/agency side of things, running content marketing, brand storytelling, etc. for a number of very large brands. Most recently, she spent 12 years leading the content marketing team at Sleep Number, a billion dollar retailer and manufacturer of beds and bedding accessories.

Through their discussion, you'll learn what empathy-driven brand storytelling is and why it's becoming a key tool for marketers.

You'll discover why more and more people are feeling unheard and misunderstood, and how brands can utilize data and insights to provide content that can better serve their audiences.

You'll learn how marketers and brands can accurately measure the effectiveness their storytelling efforts and use that data to improve.

You'll also discover why and audience that feels heard and understood will be more willing to engage and even advocate for your brand.

Join Sue and Sarah as they explore the fascinating world of empathy-driven brand storytelling and how it can help your business make more meaningful connections with your audience.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The concept of empathy-driven brand storytelling, and why it's more important than ever for brands to connect with their audiences in a meaningful way.
  • Why the pandemic has created a surge in the number of people who feel disconnected and misunderstood - a perfect opportunity for brands to better understand and serve their audiences.
  • How marketers can accurately measure the effectiveness and ROI of their empathy-driven storytelling.
  • How, when your audience feels heard and understood, engagement, retention, repeat actions and referrals increase across the board.
  • And so much more...


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