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Raising Rare - Raising Rare EPISODE 13, 10th July 2021
There Is No Such Thing As A Simple Cold

There Is No Such Thing As A Simple Cold

A cough.  A sniffle. Telltale signs of the common cold.

For little Raghav, his life was suddenly in danger.  In one of our most heartfelt episodes Sanath tells us about their very scary trip to the hospital when Raghav developed a serious and persistent cough. 

For most of us and our kids, a common rhinovirus is annoying and may last a few days.  For Sanath and Ramya, the stakes are so much higher.  They found themselves in the PICU for more than a week.  The toll this takes on them is immense.  Sanath opens up and shares how this burden is weighing on their mental health.