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How Marcus Landed a Major TV Segment, Just By Building Great Relationships | TSMP #105
Episode 1058th May 2022 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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How To Build Client Relationships To Book Your Dream Gigs

For about ten years, Marcus Aleister has been exploring the weird side of psychic entertainment and paranormal fun. Growing up with bizarre stories in the family about stone circles, near-death experiences, and witch’s curses, he leaned on the occult side of life. He lives the occult life fully, not just during the psychic parties, stage experiences, private readings, and seances.

In private, he practices ritual magick and other magician-scaring madness while also enjoying the never-ending study of theatre, dramatic storytelling, character work, and acting. All of this blends together in his theatrical and esoteric work for the public. 

In this episode, Marcus joins Aidan and Ashley to share his experience with the MOMENTUM programme and discuss how building relationships helped him in landing a TV segment.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [01:00] Who Is Marcus Aleister?
  • [03:30] Marcus’ Journey Into His Performance Niche
  • [06:45] Magic Business Before Joining MOMENTUM
  • [08:35] Stress Management As A Business Owner
  • [12:10] Magic Business After Joining MOMENTUM
  • [15:00] How To Land A National TV Segment
  • [16:55] Importance Of Building Relationships
  • [19:45] Becoming An Audience’s Artist
  • [23:40] Biggest Resistance To Join MOMENTUM
  • [27:10] The Path To Overcoming Limitations
  • [30:50] What Is Marcus’ Show All About?

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