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How to start and grow an eCommerce business (with Sarah Latham)
Episode 1915th March 2021 • Online Marketing Basics for Busy Website Owners • Vicki Jakes
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In this episode, I talk to small business owner Sarah Latham who I met back in 2019 when she looking to transition her natural dog treat business from a Facebook Page to a website.

She talks about the process of setting up and growing her business over the past 18 months and what it has taken for her to do that.

I met Sarah just at the point she had decided to build her website and we talk about why she decided on WordPress as opposed to any other platform.

I also find out how she managed to grow her business whilst holding down a full-time job and what process she had to go through to decide to leave that world behind.

If you have been thinking about how to grow a passion business, like Sarah has (she has 6 dogs!) then this podcast will provide the inspiration that you need.


00:00 Intro from me about Sarah and how I met her

02:52 Welcome Sarah

03:31 How Sarah got started selling dog treats

06:32 How having background in retail helped Sarah understand what it takes to run a business

09:50 When just having a Facebook Page become too much

13:09 How being innovative with product creation helped Sarah move to the next level in her business

14:38 Why Sarah decided to take part in my website build course back in 2019

18:16 WordPress all the way!

19:56 Being innovative with emails

20:48 How Sarah got to her first 100 subscribers

23:11 Making blog posts interesting

25:02 PR success and being featured in local newspapers

26:29 Taking the business from side hustle to full time

31:22 What Sarah think her businesses "secret sauce" is

32:50 The day to day management of the business and what that looks like

35:02 The challenges of h running your own business

36:34 How to keep the work-life balance

38:19 Why Sarah loves being part of the Supercharge Your Website Membership

45:09 Final thoughts

46:20 Come and join us on Clubhouse!