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Suicide Awareness - The Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group
Episode 5610th May 2021 • Empower Tusc • Get Level Podcast Network
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Our Suicide Awareness mini-series wraps up on this episode featuring the Survivors of Suicide Loss Support Group. Jodi Salvo is again joined by Kristie Wilkin and Jenn Dotto from the Suicide Support Group, as well as Natalie Bollon from the ADAMHS Board, to discuss the group in greater detail. You will learn:

  • The mission of the group
  • When the group meets
  • What the group does
  • How the group has helped the community
  • When to get involved with the group (sooner for some, later for others)
  • The new coalition being formed

Sometimes in life, events occur that fracture the very foundation on which we stand. Our life, as we have known it, is forever changed and we find ourselves in an unexpected struggle, first to survive and then to move forward. We at the Tusc/Carroll Survivor of Suicide Loss Support Group are here to help you cope with a loss to suicide. Our forum is one that recognizes and respects the courage and resilience of suicide loss in all stages of your personal journey. The group is confidential - we also have a confidential Facebook page where we support and communicate as well. We are a part of a group no one wants to join, but we are here for you if you are a survivor of suicide loss.

Visit for all your information about the Coalition and different types of drug use and prevention.

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