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BN26: The Soul of Money with Lynne Twist
Episode 2629th March 2021 • The Boldly Now Show • Now
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This week’s guest Lynne Twist has worked her entire career looking at the soul of money and how it manifests in our lives due to a culture of money. She is founder of the Soul of Money Institute and has dedicated her life to alleviating hunger and poverty. Today, she is going to set the record straight on a lie we have all been living and help us find a future where we can thrive in our own life with regards to our finances. Lynne’s myths of scarcity, surprising truth of sufficiency, and a very simple solution to our predicament are sure to knock your socks off.

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Key Moments:

●     [01:43] – The toxicity of the Money Culture

●     [07:16] – The scarcity paradigm: How we make “the scarcity” real

●     [12:40] – The three toxic myths of scarcity

●     [16:49] – The Surprising Truth of Sufficiency

●     [22:44] – Rich people, poor people

●     [26:47] – How to ease the constriction of this “Scarcity lie” and have a prosperous life

●     [40:49] – Life as an opportunity to learn, strengthen and grow in times of a global pandemic


"We’re swimming in a culture that lies about money and that creates a lot of suffering for us”

“If you tell your body I didn’t get enough sleep, you will be tired”

“We are building units for our stuff, but not for our people”

“More more and more does not get you to true prosperity”

“What we appreciate, appreciates”

“Sufficiency is not actually an amount… it’s an experience of being in touch with who you are”

“Prosperity isn’t a function of accumulation; it’s a function of sharing”

“True abundance comes from sufficiency, not more”

Further References:

 Gratitude and Grateful living


Buckminister Fuller and a You or Me world


Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth



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