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Mirinda Carfrae: 3 x Ironman World champion on Mum guilt and more
Episode 4523rd September 2020 • Inside Tri Show • Helen Murray
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Mirinda 'Rinny' Carfrae is a 3x Ironman World Champion. She has an impressive record at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii, with 6 podium finishes from 7 attempts. She also holds the run course record at the Ironman world championships, with a swift 2.50.26 from her win in 2014. After becoming a mum in 2017, she returned to the World Championships in 2018 and finished 5th. In this conversation we focus on juggling motherhood and life as a professional triathlete as Mirinda and husband Tim O'Donnell prepare for the birth of their second child.

You'll hear:

16:27 The start of the interview with Rinny

19:14 Rinny explains that when races were cancelled due to Covid-19, it seemed like the ideal time to try for a second baby.

23:44 We feel like social media influencers and not athletes at the moment because we can't showcase our skills on the racecourse

26:28 Partners and sponsors are seeing the value of professional mums also being athletes, but 10-15 years ago, there was 'no chance' and you'd be taken off the roster.

31:06 Until you're a mother, you don't really understand what it's like to juggle 5 hour rides and the mum guilt that comes with it.

35:38 We talk about breastfeeding and competing 'there's a bit of extra pain that you have to deal with towards the end of the bike and on the run'

37:27 Mirinda explains how they postponed the awards ceremony at Ironman Cairns to allow her to breastfeed Izzy.

40:25 I remember thinking 'I'm never going to get back to where I was but Rachel Joyce told me to focus on where I was, week on week.' You can't help but think 'that mountain is quite steep, but there is no point in beating yourself up about it.'

45:33 Racing was number 1, but now it's number 3 or 4 after family, health and happiness.


02:17 Helen meets the remarkable Rosie Swale-Pope who's in her mid 70s and is currently running from Lands End to John o'Groats to raise money for Phase Worldwide. If you want to hear the full interview with Rosie, then sign up to be one of Helen's vino or training buddies on patreon and you'll receive two exclusive episodes a year.

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