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Osteostrong/James Elvery of Race Ranger
Episode 8611th February 2022 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • Dr. Jeff Sankoff
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Osteostrong is a program aimed at women that promises to build bone strength and prevent mineral loss in a way that is far more efficient than anything else out there and with results that seem far too good to be true. While not specifically targeted at athletes, the marketers of Osteostrong employ all of the same tired methods to induce customers to spend their money on something that is very much unproven. I explore these methods in order to once again demonstrate how marketers of devices can stretch credulity in order to separate you from your hard earned cash. While Osteostrong may not be triathlon specific, the lessons are definitely applicable. James Elvery is a former professional triathlete and the founder of Race Ranger a new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the bike leg of triathlon. He joins me to discuss this exciting new device.


[07:00]- Osteostrong

[18:21]- James Elvery


Race Ranger



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