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Have Diabetes Will Travel
Episode 424th January 2022 • The Dave and Amber Show • David Kliff & Amber Clour
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Welcome back to another episode of the Dave and Amber show! Preparing for any trip can be taxing and adding in diabetes to your travel "to do" list can feel even more overwhelming. We're excited to chat about how we travel with diabetes without letting diabetes put a dent in our destinations. We'll share our strategies in planning, what we tote along when, and how to expect the unexpected when adventuring near or far.

[00:01 - 06:00] Opening Segment

  • An overview of  what people with diabetes should deal with on a trip.
  • Amber talks about her travel experiences.
  • Paris.
  • Australia.
  • Dave shares a friend’s experience on a long trip.
  • Singapore.
  • Australia.
  • New Zealand.
  • TSA (Transportation Security Administration)
  • Glucose sensor, insulin pump, tube pump, etc.

[06:01 - 16:39] A Trip with Diabetes

  • Impacts of airport technology on people’s devices with diabetes.
  • Dave talks about the factors that diabetic people should consider when doing a trip
  • Number of days.
  • Weather.
  • Changing pods.
  • Charger.
  • Insulin - Insulin delivery system.
  • Hypo protection.
  • It is useful to have a checklist of things to pack. 
  • Doing a trip internationally.
  • Make sure you have your prescription on file.
  • The conversion technology.
  • Amber’s gives some examples of what she carries to eat: 
  • Nuts, bars, blood sugar snacks, fruit rolls, etc.
  • The difference between traveling on a road trip vs on an airplane.
  • How emotions can be affected because all the stuff people with diabetes should take when they go on a trip.
  • Anxiety

[16:40 -17:37 ] Closing Segment

  • Things to consider when you travel with a diabetic person.
  • How to connect with us.
  • Links below 
  • Final Words 

Tweetable quotes:

“ Sometimes, even though we want to be spontaneous, it can be difficult. Somebody says: Hey, I booked a trip. We're leaving in 30 minutes. Well, that's great. I appreciate your attitude, but it's gonna take me two hours to get all my stuff together.” - Amber Clour

“A lesson learned there. Life for everybody else who doesn’t have diabetes, who’s you know, working with somebody who does is: Hey, if there’s one rule, be patient and be understanding because we got a lot of stuff we got to worry about ” -  Dave Kliff

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