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How to Build A Better Social Media Presence on Instagram & TikTok with Mompreneur Kaitlyn Pierce
Episode 11011th August 2022 • Freedom Entrepreneur Podcast • Lindsay Sutherland
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Kaitlyn Pierce is a mompreneur who desired to leave her corporate marketing job and build a work-from-home business. In this episode, she shares how she replaced her income in 90 days and built her business as an expert in Instagram Reels and TikTok strategy. 

Kaitlyn and Lindsay discuss-

- Should we follow the trends, or do our own thing on social?

- How to create 4 to 5 reels in an hour

- How social media is NOT a marketing plan, it's just part of the plan.

- TikTok is trend-setting: "Most Instagram trends are carryovers from TikTok"

- Tip! Use a trending audio on a low volume while you share your content. This allows you to show up on trending audio feeds as well as the hashtag feed.

- Custom audio's are now trending more than music (on TikTok)

- How often should you be putting out content? "As often as YOU feel comfortable." TikTok is more about quality over quantity to be successful. The more quality content you can create, the better your odds of going viral.

- How to create content if you aren't "entertaining."

Meet Kaitlyn:

Kaitlyn Pierce is a New England girl from the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts and is an entrepreneur at heart having launched Pierce Social, her social media production and management company in 2016.    Known for being a passionate and dedicated strategist, Kaitlyn thrives on watching big ideas come to fruition and helping those throughout her community. As a wife and mom of three incredible little girls herself, her goal is to inspire them daily with the life she has worked so hard to create.    When she’s not designing a new workflow or program for her social media students or chasing the girls around outside, you can find her trying her hand at gardening or watercolors- two things that are still very much a “work in progress” for her at the moment, or planning the next few lessons for their homeschool.

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