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Hydroponics & Hurdles: Navigating the Indoor Farming Landscape with Victoria Lee
Episode 19831st May 2024 • The Rural Woman Podcast • Katelyn Duban
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On this week's episode of The Rural Woman Podcast™, you'll meet Victoria Lee.

Basil Ranch has been providing fresh herbs and produce to restaurants and grocers since 1996. Victoria took over the reigns in 2015 and saw an opportunity to grow the produce we were providing using hydroponics as a solution to food security in our northern climate. Their indoor hydroponic farm ran year round in the heart of Inglewood, providing fresh greens and mushrooms to local restaurants and grocers. Basil Ranch's goal was to contribute to the city's food security by using low tech, highly sustainable hydroponic food systems.

In November of 2023, Victoria decided to scale back to the things that are near and dear to her heart and closed down the hydroponic farm to focus on the edible flower farm located in the heart of Highfield, on a City of Calgary Urban Farm Project. 

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04:50 - Vicki’s Journey into Agriculture

06:05 - Transitioning to Hydroponics and the Challenges

15:08 - Regulatory Challenges for Urban Farmers

17:56 - Scaling Back and Moving to Edible Flowers

24:22 - Advice for Making Changes to an Agriculture Business 

36:27 - Vicki’s Most Rewarding Part of Growing From Her Community

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