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21. The Australian school system & our sons. Interview with Tania Waring
Episode 215th July 2023 • ADHD Mums • Jane McFadden
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Jane is joined by Tania Waring, a lawyer and advocate/care coordinator mum of three neurodiverse boys. Tania is very experienced in advocacy for her children to get what they need at school. Tania has also completed her honours in Psychology and is passionate about inclusive education and improving outcomes for children in the schooling system. Jane and Tania share personal experiences and highlight the need for more understanding and support from educators, as well as emphasising the importance of normalising these experiences and finding hope through the stories of others who have faced similar challenges. Tania also provides us with an insight into her passion of creating change within the school system to create a more inclusive environment and reduce the impact that schools have on children’s self-esteem. 

*This episode specialises more in the externalising presentation of ADHD/ASD - which is seen more in boys than girls, but can occur in both genders. Where these kids are seen as 'disruptive' or 'problems.' *


Episode Highlights:

Þ   Common challenges faced by families with children who have ADHD and autism

Þ   Pushing through the grief and adjustment required when realising that the school experience may be different from what was imagined

Þ   The lack of accommodations and understanding within the Australian school system

Þ   The detrimental effects of segregating children with learning differences and the perpetuation of negative attitudes towards differences

Þ   Highlighting the issue of gatekeeping and suspensions in schools, especially for children with ADHD and autism

Þ   The pressure and lack of resources on teachers, which can lead to reactive responses and neglecting certain students

Þ   A discussion around schools being focused on managing students rather than providing adequate support, and gathering evidence to justify suspensions and expulsions

Þ   Highlighting how change can occur when and where adults reflect on their actions and hold themselves accountable where appropriate within a child’s meltdown 


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