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S5 EP141: Skye Waters - Part Two - PBA Host/Twin Pregnancy 40 Weeks/Cascade of Interventions/Belly Birth
Episode 14120th February 2024 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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Welcome back to part two of my birth story series. In this episode, we dive into the rollercoaster ride of my pregnancy with fraternal twins. Discovering that I was carrying twins was a huge surprise for our family, a journey I recount with honesty and transparency. Knowing that my dreams of a homebirth were no longer a reality, became a process of continuous grieving.

However, it was a transformative conversation with a recommended doula @2lifedoula that reignited my sense of excitement for this experience. With the support and guidance of my doula, we began a deep exploration of twin childbirth, navigating the complexities and unique considerations that come with carrying and birthing twins, ensuring that I was well-informed for the journey ahead.

In today's episode, I'll walk you through the mental and emotional challenges I faced as my pregnancy reached its 40th week. Igniting a massive season of personal growth and development, pushing me into uncharted territories of self-discovery. By sharing my experience, I hope to provide insights and encouragement for others to explore their own paths in pregnancy and childbirth with confidence and curiosity.

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