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Banned Books Week 2022: Fighting for Intellectual Freedom
Episode 4222nd September 2022 • Dial P for Procurement • Supply Chain Now
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Banned Books Week is an annual effort to call attention to censorship and intellectual freedom. This year it runs from September 18th through the 24th.

While Banned Books Week is mostly marked by libraries around the country, the drive behind it is something that all adults need to understand. Banned books are the physical representation of banned ideas. The idea of banning (or burning) a book, may send a chill up your spine, but are we taking the steps that are needed to protect the more abstract but just as important freedom of thought.

In this week’s Dial P audio podcast, Kelly Barner – who holds a Masters Degree in Library Science from Simmons College in Boston – extends the mission behind Banned Books Week to the free exchange of ideas that is REQUIRED to succeed in the face of today’s procurement and supply chain challenges:

• Having the stomach to participate in a world with diversity of thought

• Maximizing the ROI of ideas by letting them all crash around together… with the best coming out on top

• Giving the benefit of the doubt to a colleague who disagrees with you or who shares an opinion you find unpleasant

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