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(S2) – EP 11 How do Men and Boys Handle Sexual Abuse and Heal
Episode 1116th November 2020 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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In this episode of The 411 Live, we’re joined by Shawn Muhammad, Co-Executive Director of Asha. Sam Alford, a Community Organizer, writer, and a poet. And Khalio Borum, a licensed professional Counselor. They have gathered to talk about how men and boys handle sexual abuse.

Male victims of sexual abuse can be a difficult topic to talk about because most men understandably don’t like to talk about it. Especially those who are victims of sex trafficking. It has been mentioned that men are victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking throughout the episodes of the 411 Live podcast. But to expand the topic, we need to dive deeper into this discussion.

When a molester or a predator of the same gender makes the decision to introduce a male child to sex, then sex is usually used as a weapon to take a kids power. Sam Alford says, “Males don’t want to be viewed as a man who has sex with men or they don’t want to be viewed as weak so they keep going and keep that on the other side of the their mental wall.” Join us as we talk to a survivor of sexual abuse and extend the conversion so you learn how men and boys handle sexual abuse.



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