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Jocelyn Kate D'Arcy is joining NatMatSci
Episode 511th June 2021 • The NatMatSci Podcast • The National Mathematics & Science College
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#005 - Welcome to the The NatMatSci Podcast, brought to you by The National Mathematics & Science College. This is the podcast to let you find out more about NatMatSci by hearing staff and students talking about their experiences here, all unscripted and unplugged, so that you can hear what life is really like at the college.

Today we’re talking to the new Assistant Principal (Academic), Jocelyn D'Arcy, all about what brought her to the sphere of Maths and NatMatSci, the connection between data and effective learning, and we even talk about Freakonomics, the hidden side of everything. So let’s not waste any more time but get into this episode right now.

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