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Khalil Rafati || I Forgot to Die
Episode 447th June 2021 • Drop Into The Härt • Joe Hawley
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This week we have Khalil Rafati on the show. Khalil shares his incredible life story shifting from drug addict to successful entrepreneur.

Khalil Rafati is a speaker, author, and health-and-wellness entrepreneur. Today, he is the owner of SunLife Organics, a rapidly growing chain of popular juice and smoothie bars in the United States. He is also the author of the best-selling book "I Forgot to Die" as well as his newest release: "Remembering to Live." He also founded Malibu Beach Yoga and Riviera Recovery, a transitional living facility for drug addicts and alcoholics.

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I love discussing the deeper questions of the universe like:

Why are we here? 

Where are we going? 

How did we come to be?

And when I look out into the world, I want to know, and hear from some incredible guests, how to make it a better place for all. 

On Quantum Coffee we will be curiously exploring the deeper, unanswerable questions of the universe, and how we can continue to work towards a brighter vision of the future. 

It's time to shift the collective story we've been telling about the world and continue exploring new possibilities through open conversations about our personal growth, connection and transformation into a higher way of being. 

What story do you want to tell? 

Together, we'll be finding out what our guests believe about the universe, the purpose of life, their ideas around God, and what they think happens after death. 

We'll also be discussing their personal journeys of transformation as well as any ideas that might help us shift the collective story of the world. 

Hold onto your space boots because I don't pretend to know the answers, but I sure love to explore the possibilities...

Join me, as we take a sip of this Quantum Coffee.


Special thanks to @londrelle for allowing us to use his track Gratitude as the intro to the show!