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TMBH 82: A No-Guilt Approach to Homeschooling at Christmas
Episode 8217th November 2023 • 10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool • Pam Barnhill
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In this episode of "Ten Minutes to a Better Homeschool," host Pam Barnhill discusses the concept of having a guilt-free Christmas in homeschooling. As homeschoolers, we often feel pressured to make the Christmas season special by incorporating Christmas unit studies and activities into our already busy schedules. However, Pam shares her insights on how to navigate this dilemma without feeling overwhelmed or guilty. 

Whether you fully embrace Christmas schooling, stick to your regular academic routine, or keep it simple with a few Christmas-themed activities, Pam provides helpful advice for finding a balance that works for your family. Join her as she encourages homeschool moms to enjoy the holiday season without the unnecessary pressure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize that you have options: Choose to fully embrace Christmas schooling, stick to your regular academics, or keep it simple with a few Christmas-themed activities.
  • Let go of guilt: Understand that whatever approach you choose is valid and should not be a source of guilt.
  • Embrace the idea of Christmas schooling: If you decide to set aside regular academics, lean into the Christmas spirit and make learning fun and festive.
  • Stick to your regular routine: If the idea of incorporating Christmas activities feels overwhelming or doesn't align with your family's preferences, stick to your regular academic routine.
  • Keep it simple: If you choose to do some Christmas-themed activities, remember that it doesn't have to be over the top. Select a few activities that your family enjoys and incorporate them into your routine without feeling the need to do it all.

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