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The Edtech Roundtable Crossover Episode w/ TNT Edtech's Scott Nunes
16th November 2020 • GotTechED the Podcast • Eric Guise/Nick Johnson
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Segment 1:  Podcasting and Who We Are

  • Scott Nunes- TNT Edtech Podcast
  • Eric Guise and Nick Johnson- GotTechED the Podcast

Segment 2: The EdTech Debate Mash-up Style

Presidential Tool (one with a larger role in your mashup)

VP- (supporting role in the mashup)

Segment 3: All-In-One EdTech Throw-Down

Segment 4: Graphic Design and Branding

Segment 5: Level-up with Game-Based Learning

Segment 6: Where to Find GotTechED/TNT Edtech Podcast

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