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Optimising Nutrition And Data Driven Fasting With Marty Kendall Ep 80
Episode 80 β€’ 7th May 2024 β€’ The Meat Medic Podcast β€’ Dr Suresh Khirwadkar
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In today's jam-packed episode of The Meat Medic Podcast, I have the pleasure of interviewing the incredible Marty Kendall from This episode is overflowing with valuable insights as we navigate through a massive list of topics that Marty and I discussed in detail. We tried to keep the conversation concise while still providing depth on critical points, and I'm excited to share this wealth of knowledge with you!

Marty is unique among our guests because he isn't a healthcare practitioner by trade. Instead, as an engineer, he was motivated to dive into the world of nutrition due to his family's journey with diabetes. This inspired him to apply his data-driven mindset and analytical skills to optimize nutrition and create innovative solutions to help others. He emphasises the importance of using glucose levels as a "fuel gauge" to guide dietary choices and explains his concept of "data-driven fasting."

Join us as Marty shares his fascinating insights into data, science, and analytics, which have shaped the programs at His work includes data-driven fasting, personal fat thresholds, and practical strategies to deplete excess body energy while maintaining lean mass. Marty also gives us a glimpse into how his family's experience with diabetes influenced his understanding of blood glucose management.

If you enjoy the episode and would like to see Marty return for future discussions, drop a comment below. Let's continue to learn from his data-backed approaches and hear more of his wisdom!

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Enjoy the show!

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