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Tech Neck - What Is It and Why Is It An Issue?
Episode 1217th May 2022 • Ergonomically Speaking...... • Niamh Pentony
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Everywhere you go you will see people on their phones. Most will have one thing in common. What is it? No, not the headphones or airpods - they are looking down!

Improvements in portable technology have revolutionised how we communicate, work and relax but it can be at a cost.

Upper back, neck and shoulder complaints are on the rise and for a lot of people, this is linked to the use of smartphone, tablets etc.

Portable devices are not going away so we need to ensure that we are using them safely, to minimise the impact on our musculoskeletal health, wellbeing and ability to carry out our day to day activities without undue pain.

In this episode, I will explain what Tech Neck actually is, the causes, symptoms and long-term effects and outline the steps you can take to reduce the risk.

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