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Deep Awakening through Conscious Parenting with Niki Tune
Episode 8816th May 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial
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Stacy and Brenda talk to Niki Tune about the paradigm shifts and conscious parenting. How Parenting is a Sacred Journey of Self-Healing & Awakening. How parenting can heal the Family Line & Intergenerational Trauma. Children are our Greatest Gift to Awakening and what lessons can we learn from them. What can we learn from children?  What many people overlook when engaging or observing children. What are Starseed Children? How our children are here to reinvent systems and structures. How De-schooling and unschooling are the greatest tools on the Journey to Awakening.

Niki is a mother of two children. She worked professionally with children, parents and families until the Pandemic, and has since developed programs that can support the parent through Spiritual awakening as well as bring their children empowering tools to understand the power of the magical universe. Niki learned that parenting is a Sacred Journey of healing and awakening through her own experiences raising her children.

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