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The Formula One Approach to Scaling Revenue and Profitability Through Conversion Optimization - with Allen Burt, Founder & CEO at Blue Stout
Episode 151st June 2023 • The Conversion Show • Erik Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Justuno
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In this episode of "The Conversion Show" podcast, Erik sits down with Allen Burt, Founder & CEO of Blue Stout, a Shopify Plus partner that helps DTC brands drive more conversions and revenue without spending more on ads.

Erik & Allen talk discuss the importance of understanding the audience and their emotional and logical decision-making processes, as well as the need for brands to focus on Conversion Rate Optimization in order to improve profitability and scale revenue. The episode emphasizes the need for brands to focus on customer-centricity and building sustainable businesses by capturing customer data and owning their channels.

Key topics discussed:

  • The Hangover Stage that most DTC brands are in right now
  • Understanding consumer psychology and empathy
  • The "three Ps" framework for logical selling
  • Reducing perceived risk for customers
  • Building trust early in the customer journey
  • Improving profitability and scaling revenue with CRO
  • Challenges of capturing zero party data
  • Understanding customer friction points

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Guest: Allen Burt -


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