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Liz Kazandzhy: 3 Ways the Holy Ghost Helps In Trials
Episode 15622nd June 2022 • Stories of Hope in Hard Times • Tamara K. Anderson
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Liz joins us today to share 3 personal stories of how God’s Spirit helped her move forward , feel peace and helps us amidst life’s challenges.

Episode Discussion Points

  • Training guide dogs
  • When God says, “no.” Being totally involved in music and wanting to major in it, to all of the sudden losing her passion for music and wondering what she was supposed to do with her life.
  • God led her toward Human Development
  • Journaling helped her process the change.
  • When she felt disappointment coming from other people, but she knew God knew what she needed to do.
  • Choosing an internship—and how God guided her to pick an internship which led her to go to Romania to a hospital and an orphanage.
  • Being able to listen when the Holy Ghost gives you direction
  • The Holy Ghost can help you discover your “Why!" God can lead to to find the best path which will bring you the most joy and learning.
  • Follow impressions to help and serve others (in big and little things).
  • When she experienced postpartum depression and felt like something was broken in her brain
  • When she finally opened up to her sisters about it, she found out several of them had experience it as well.
  • Her decision to begin taking medication
  • Learning to deal with anxiety after she got her depression under control
  • The Holy Ghost—can speak truth to you
  • A lot of the problems with depression and anxiety are thoughts entering your mind that aren’t true
  • The Spirit can teach you what inner voices aren’t truth and what is truth
  • The first step to recognize negative self-talk and then replace it with the positive and the truth
  • You can also ask God to help you to recognize it and pull out of it (because in the moment it is often very hard)
  • Prayer is powerful—both asking for God’s help and asking others to pray for you as well.
  • A sweet story of one of her little daughters praying for her.
  • How God wants us to turn to each other for help and comfort and how we aren’t meant to do it alone
  • The story of being able to marry her fiancé Vlad, from the Ukraine, and how hard it was to be able to married and get a fiancé visa.
  • How after pouring her heart out to God, she felt God’s love and empathy.

Favorite Bible Verses

  • When you are weeping: “Jesus wept,” when He was comforting Mary & Martha after Lazarus died (even though He was going to bring him back to life). Remember Jesus waited to bring Lazarus back, and sometimes we have to be patient and wait for the miracle.
  • For comfort: John 14:16

Connect with Liz

  • Website:
  • LDS Book Nook—her podcast
  • Buy her book: The Holy Ghost from A to Z

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