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Dawn Kohler - Changing times. Leadership in the entertainment industry.
22nd May 2023 • Resilience Unravelled • Russell Thackeray
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Keywords: Resilience – Leadership – Empathy – Entertainment Industry – Executive Coaching

In this episode of Resilience Unravelled, Dawn Kohler a writer and executive coach in the entertainment industry discusses how media and entertainment are going through cataclysmic change right now due to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. This has kept her busy coaching leaders who struggle to develop themselves and their teams during times of uncertainty or turbulence. She discusses the evolution of leadership styles in the industry and the focus on empathy and accountability and also touches on the importance of proper nurturing in parenting and how organisations can value the wisdom of elders while embracing diversity for growth.

Main topics

  • How the media industry reflects our society and shows how it
  • has moved forward.
  • The evolution of leadership style and approach behind the screen.
  • Why adults need to hold space for somebody and listen to the acknowledgment of somebody being hurt by something they unintentionally or intentionally did.
  • A generational shift towards people who are resilient is happening because of leaders' great intentions with zero competence.
  • Building resilience means having the ability to get things wrong and put things right.
  • Why organisations should value the wisdom of the elders and have good mentoring programs.


1: Introduction to Dawn and her work as a writer and executive coach (00:00-01:34)

2: How Dawn found her path in the entertainment industry and her success dealing with the human dynamic during times of change (01:51-03:07)

3: The role of entertainment in reflecting society and representing different sectors of the population and emotional issues(03:38-05:56)

4: The evolution of leadership style or approach (06:01-07:01)

5: The power of communication and social media in giving viewers the ability to share their opinions and bring things to the surface (07:11-08:12)

6: The importance of empathy and acknowledging hurt when unintentionally or intentionally offending someone (12:07-14:11)

7: Dawn's work as an author and her latest book, "The Messages," which is a memoir that tells the underbelly of her own story(14:19-18:37)

8: The need for resilience and the importance of learning the ability to get things wrong and put things right (19:48-23:00)

9: The value of wisdom from elders in organisations and the importance of passing down corporate history (23:08-24:59)

10: The importance of escalation and having challenging conversations in organisations (24:51-26:14)

Dawn is also the author of three books, including her latest memoir "The Messages," which discusses her personal journey through severe abuse in childhood, which led to a shift in perspective and ultimately into the field of executive coaching.

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