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311 | "Hibernation and Hustle" with Jake Hurwitz from Thursday Labs
Episode 31112th January 2024 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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  1. 🗸 "Embrace life's setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning, as demonstrated by Jake Hurwitz's entrepreneurial journey."
  2. 🗸 "Understand the importance of balancing hustle with hibernation for long-term success and mental well-being in business."
  3. 🗸 "Acknowledge the long-term commitment required for entrepreneurship; success often takes a decade or more of dedicated effort."

Episode Summary:

Jake Hurwitz, founder of Thursday Labs, shares his experiences as a young entrepreneur and the personal challenges he faced. Jake's story begins with his early start in the business world, founding his first company at 18 and his second during college. Despite early successes, he faced a pivotal moment post-graduation when his life seemed to unravel. His girlfriend left him, he encountered family and friend health scares, and his co-founder abandoned their startup. This period of struggle led to months of stagnation, where Jake's only activity was watching Netflix. However, these experiences taught him crucial lessons about the entrepreneurial journey, including the need for periods of hibernation to balance intense periods of hustle, and the reality that building a successful career can take a decade or more. He emphasizes the importance of mental health and taking time to recharge, especially after significant milestones like selling a company. His advice to new entrepreneurs is to be patient and embrace the long journey ahead.


00:00 Intro

00:07 Jake's Life-Changing Experiences

03:56 The Concept of 'Hibernation' and 'Hustle'

05:31 The Reality of Being a CEO

08:04 Advice for New Entrepreneurs

10:52 Contacting Jake and Thursday Labs

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