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Conversations with Mike Milken - Milken Institute EPISODE 50, 22nd May 2020
Ep. 50: A Special Episode with PCF And FasterCures
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Ep. 50: A Special Episode with PCF And FasterCures

A Special Episode on Potential Breakthroughs in COVID-19 Research Coming from Cancer Research by the Prostate Cancer Foundation and FasterCures

 A video recording of this episode – with helpful graphics – is also available at mikemilken.com.

For our 50th recording, Jonathan Simons (President and CEO, Prostate Cancer Foundation) and Esther Krofah (Executive Director, FasterCures) join Mike for a special discussion about how breakthroughs in cancer laboratories are advancing our understanding and possible treatment of COVID-19. 

The roundtable discussion features six scientists from academic medical research institutions and the biopharmaceutical industry sharing their insights on the TMPRSS2 gene’s role as the doorway through which the SARS-CoV-2 virus enters the lung. That same genetic doorway also happens to play an important role in several forms of cancer. The promising news is that researchers – including those on this call – have learned how to shut that door in other contexts.