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Bed Talks the Podcast - WRG Media TRAILER, 28th October 2019
Teaser - Bed Talks the Podcast
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Teaser - Bed Talks the Podcast

Intimate. Inspiring. Raw real. Self-love stripped down and amped up. Welcome to Bed Talks with your hosts, Meg and Sabrina.

So what can you expect? Each episode we dive into a topic that ignites us and welcome guests who open up about their shadows and share the lessons that have lead them out of pain into passion and self-empowerment. By sharing our no bullshit stories and everything we’ve learned along the way, Bed Talks is fueled by our mission to inspire you to stand in your worth and step into your feminine power, so you can be confidently and unapologetically you. 

Here’s to breaking down barriers, letting go of ideals of perfectionism, and celebrating our uniqueness. Join us every other Monday for that unpolished real talk you’ve been craving and get ready to amp up the self-love and be part of cultivating this powerful sisterhood with us. 

Thanks for joining us, let’s dive deep!

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