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240 Tools of the Trade • Mark Parzynski
Episode 24022nd February 2022 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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"Using the right tool for the job" may come off as rather clichéd, but it's true nonetheless. Knowing our tools, and that includes our theory, methods and skills is incredibly important.  Our tools don't inherently make us better at our craft, but rather facilitate our capacity to help our patients. 

Producing our best work as practitioners isn’t about the tools themselves, but rather how we use them and knowing when to use a particular tool.  It's about finding what's suitable for a particular conversation – i.e., the relationship between the tool, the practitioner, and the patient.

In this conversation with Mark Parzynski, he shares the concepts and technicalities behind crafting masterful tools for acupuncturists and massage therapists—including the Teishin and Gua Sha tool. We also talk about intention, leaning on the teachings of the Ling Shu, the need to share our knowledge, the importance of simplification, and making room for new ideas in our practice. 

Listen into this discussion on tools of the trade, the artistry and technical subtleties behind crafting them, having the right tools for the job, and utilizing them in clinical settings.