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Standing Up With Ukraine - Bonus Episode
Episode 89Bonus Episode5th March 2022 • SUPfm The International Stand Up Paddle Board Podcast • Simon Hutchinson
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A short but important episode pulled together collaboratively with Alan from SUP North and John McFadzean from SUP the World (a two time guest on this podcast)

This features a paddle initiative to connect with the SUP tribe and to all listeners of this podcast wherever you are in the world.

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We feature Alan and some quotes from Andriy Anisimov (AKA Andriy Liuty-Liutenko) who is the chairman of the UFSS, the leading SUP organisation in Ukraine.

Please post your events with #paddleforpeace and #standupforukraine


Events posted so far:

UK and Ireland

Paddle for Peace SUP North (Southport)

Paddle for Peace London

Paddle for Peace Dublin

Paddle For Peace Wirral

Paddle For Peace Teddington

You can make contributions in a number of places including:



Charities Here

Visit the UFSS here:

Slavia Ukraini!