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Adding play to your DNA
Episode 812th September 2022 • Why Play Works. • Lucy Taylor and Tzuki Stewart
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Play is the key to collaboration and co-operation. Work and play are intrinsically interlinked, and without play, people are unable to make connections that drive people forward. This is how innovator and trainer Tim Widdowson approaches play at work.

Tim is a partner and facilitator at the Culture Experiment and the So Team. He's also a guest lecturer on design thinking, innovation and collaboration at Oxford University's Said Business School. As a behaviour change specialist, keynote speaker and trainer, Tim's core focus is on developing and exploring the creative behaviours needed for cultures and businesses to flourish.

Things to consider

  • Play brings out childlike qualities, but doesn’t have to mean we’re childish.
  • Play offers a disruption to the status quo.
  • We need to make play more systemic in our culture, rather than bringing it out at certain moments.
  • We can all build in micro-interventions.
  • Play can be a vehicle to build bridges and show parts of ourselves we otherwise might not.





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