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Beth Bell - A journey of awakening
21st November 2022 • Resilience Unravelled • Russell Thackeray
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Living a life of discord and emotional suffering doesn’t need to be the norm. When we unravel the stories that the mind holds on to so tightly and become aware of our patterns and triggers, it can lead us to an awakening of a very different reality filled with ease and grace.

Beth Bell’s soul journey has taken her around the world to live, starting with humble beginnings in North Dakota, to California, New York City, Singapore, India, Bali, and now back in California. She spent 15-plus years in strategic brand management in the pharmaceutical industry, before becoming an entrepreneur and developing inspirational products, including a silver jewelry line for both eCommerce and a retail shop in Bali. 

In this podcast:

  • Beth explains the importance of intuitive risk taking
  • Why we need to unravel the storylines in our mind
  • How psychedelics have helped her to embody intellectual concepts with her spiritual learning.