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A Bucket full of Bogies (Part 3) - Sarah Isaacs
Episode 625th January 2021 • BEDTIME STORIES • BEDTIME STORIES
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Hate Poetry? This is the book for you! None of that horrid old boring stuff you find in dusty books at school. This is what you need to be reading now!

Have you ever met the Snot Monster? Do you fart when your auntie squeezes you tightly? Are you scared of looking under your bed?

A whole load of funny and nonsensical rhymes which might sometimes be a teeny bit naughty! Don't show to any grownups - they are much too old!

Recommended to be read under your bed covers when you're meant to be asleep!

Warning! These poems will make you laugh. A lot!

Part 3 includes: Toothache, Sore Tummy, Reading time Grayson, Mum's in the loo, Bored, Don't look under the bed, Ted & A Bath please Marcus.

A Bucket full of Bogies by Sarah Isaacs

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