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On Conquering Limiting Beliefs in Entrepreneurship: Assumptions with Katie Schloss
Episode 65th April 2023 • The C Suite with Catherine • Catherine Smith Licari
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Katie’s entire life changed in the blink of an eye when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor five years ago. Not only did she survive the terrifying diagnosis, surgery, and recovery, but she was committed to thriving throughout the entire process. She has since gone on to run the NYC marathon, start a career in publishing, and land an internship at UChicago Medicine where she now works. 

After college, Katie worked in fashion and beauty PR, however she felt at sea in her roles, struggling to manage the day-to-day requirements of a corporate role due to her undiagnosed brain tumor. She decided to start her own jewelry line, which she was then able to license to another company (an entrepreneurial goal for many small business owners). Throughout the past decade, she shared how she has “gained so much from losing her mind.” Katie shares her inspiring journey from business owner to her new career as a licensed social worker with us in today’s episode.

We also talk about:

  • Finance Definition: "Assumptions" in financial modeling
  • Conquering Limiting Beliefs in Business
  • The inspiration behind her company and how she licensed it
  • Her battle with a brain tumor and how it affected her personal and professional life
  • How she stayed positive and managed to thrive through the difficult diagnosis
  • Why we should normalize talking about dollar amounts when it comes to salary 
  • What turning 35 has taught her
  • How she transitioned her career into becoming a licensed social worker
  • Advice for others who are interested in small business and entrepreneurship
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