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E290 - Strive to have authenticity and transparency synonymous with your brand name | with David Baxter
Episode 2906th December 2022 • The One Big Tip Podcast with Jeff Mendelson • Everyone has that One Big Tip!
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David Baxter is the founder and CEO of Big Pixel, a strategic design, and development firm specializing in UX business software for startups. Big Pixel is uniquely positioned because they create technology to help companies transform and achieve what they’re after, which is always more than what’s on its spec sheet. David’s One Big Tip to growing a service-based business is establishing your brand as authentic and transparent. This enables you to gain trust and build long-term relationships that serve both parties' needs through transparency and authenticity, so both grow and reach new heights. 

With a long history as a developer, David began mixing design with development before it became the industry standard. Then in 2013, David opened his own firm so he could focus on his passion, working with startups. David created Big Pixel as a full-service agency with a strong focus on UX design/user experience, where he advises and mentors startups in every industry on how to build and deploy their products or service. In Big Pixel, the focus of every strategy is client based. David believes you must place yourself in the users' shoes to succeed at UX design. Your thought process should revolve around how they want to use the product, and what they will expect it to do for them, and then put those strategies into action. You also need a clear vision of your users to target them directly. Things get done differently for different audiences. You want to delve into their age group and other demographics effectively to succeed. The key to successful UX design is finding the correct language to speak to your audience and creating the interface. 

An example of this is the new Instagram algorithm. Instagram began as the photo-sharing segment of Facebook. Enter Tik Tok, the new kid on the block, and all you see are videos. Every business's heart is a race to the top of the money mountain. Because videos are ‘hot,’ everyone wants to do videos, but that’s not always the best answer. What David would have liked to see, and what he would recommend if they were his clients, would be - how could Instagram compete with Tik Tok without losing its purpose of being a photo-sharing app? These are the things that David and his team focus on when working with startups and established companies. The goal is to stay authentic to its brand and audience while enhancing the user experience. 

When David shares his One Big Tip about transparency and authenticity, he’s not just throwing around buzzwords. He means they are all in when his business does something for a client. They don’t stop at the 80% mark and hand it over. They go the extra mile to deliver exactly what they set out to do for their client. That strategy should be implemented in every service-based business, as that’s how you develop a loyal customer base. Transparency should be cut both for the service provider and the customer. For example, David’s projects are based on a set price for the project, and his company sticks to it even when it hurts. If a project needs to pivot and the actual costs are twice the amount of the initial conversation, he takes it to the client but doesn't expect them to agree to a higher fee. He may charge a premium, but his client is getting the best product he can. In turn, the client is being transparent because they are willing to pay the price requested without haggling or asking to change the terms of the agreement. Transparency works for both ends of the spectrum. When you are a company that practices transparency, your brand will be attractive to customers as they will know what they are signing up for. 

When starting a service-based business, it’s important to remain transparent and authentic when dealing with your customers. It’s best to charge a flat rate fee for your services and account for how long it may take, so there are no surprises.

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In this episode:

[2:45] David shares his journey to creating Big Pixel

  • Follow your passion
  • Know what you want, and then find a way to create it. 

[4:30] Understand your target audience

  • Their needs should be at the heart of everything you do
  • UX design is knowing how the user will interact with the website. Make it as facile for them as possible.

[8:10] Brands should stay true to who they are

  • Don’t change who you serve to keep up with the times
  • Find a way to change what your brand does to keep up with the times
  • Don’t dilute your brand

[11:15] Build your brand to be authentic and transparent

  • Be honest with the services you provide and the fees you charge
  • If there’s an error in your customer’s favor, that’s not a reason to go back on your contract
  • When you are consistent with your pricing you build a level of trust for your customers

[15:00] Believe in the human condition 

  • Most clients will work with you if there’s an error in judgment
  • Don’t be afraid to approach an uncomfortable situation
  • Open communication is vital for a client/business relationship to flourish