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Collaborating with Suppliers Through Challenging Times
25th June 2021 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Collaborating with suppliers isn't easy - and it doesn't always come naturally either. One silver lining to the last 18 months is that there are plenty of opportunities to work together, whether procurement is helping suppliers or vice versa. If done right, those opportunities will become relationships that offer significant value for both parties well into the future.

In this episode of Dial P for Procurement, Lori B. Chennault, Jeanette Nyden, and Kurt Albertson examine the process of collaborating with suppliers ‘under pressure’ from three different perspectives: head of procurement at a large enterprise, contract negotiation expert, and industry analyst.

During a conversation recorded as a livestream with the Supply Chain Now audience, Lori, Jeanette, and Kurt share the following with co-hosts Kelly Barner and Scott Luton:

• How procurement can work with suppliers, through relationships and contracts, to make the best of challenging circumstances for all parties

• The role of formal contracts in setting commercial partnerships up for success without typing the hands of those involved

• Whether there is alignment (or not) between what leading procurement executives believe is important and what they are best prepared to execute

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