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Episode 34: What I Learned From The Tortoise Series- Having Patience About Your Career
Episode 347th September 2021 • S.O.S For Leaders • Direct Impact Broadcasting
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If you are trying to focus on becoming an overnight success, you may want to focus on long term career success. Like the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race. Great rewards can be gained when you slow down and focus on moving forward steadily. 

In this episode, Tywauna 'Coach Tee' Wilson starts the series on what the tortoise can teach us about our careers.

4 insights you can learn about being patient about your career:

  1. Define your own success
  2. Be helpful to others
  3. Steer a middle course
  4. Lead a balanced life

"Patience is not the ability to wait but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting"-Unknown

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