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Tips for Accountants to Charge What They’re Worth
Episode 11330th July 2020 • Accounting Influencers Podcast • Rob Brown (Accounting Influencers Roundtable - AIR)
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Vanessa Ugatti is the author of ‘True Worth’. She helps financial and legal professionals to create a solid foundation to take charge and get paid what they are worth confidently, while creating a healthier work-life balance. Shownotes:

  • Why professional people sometimes struggle with being coached and taking on new ways of thinking
  • Why professional development for accountants is a lifelong process that never really stops
  • The downsides for accountants of not charging what they are worth
  • What might lead an accountant to be resentful of their clients
  • The need for a balance between low and high charge-out rates for accounting professionals
  • The dangers of getting promoted in causing problems with what you charge
  • What leads some accountants to under-servicing or over-charging clients
  • Why accounting firms are reluctant to get rid of those poor 'category D' clients
  • The danger for accountants of underestimating fixed fee work
  • What a garage servicing cars can teach accountants about scope creep
  • The proper definition of self-worth when it comes to pricing and accountants
  • How a lack of self worth is similar to imposter syndrome which affects many professionals
  • How to strike a balance between value pricing and time sheets
  • The biggest problems accountants have when it comes to charging fees
  • What leads accountants to underestimating their worth and undervalue themselves
  • The one thing that keeps accountants stuck in old behaviors and ways of thinking

When she’s not working, Vanessa is a great believer in practising what she preaches so incorporates daily meditation and exercise into her schedule. In normal times, live music, restaurants and travel are also important ways for her to enjoy life. You can reach her here...






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