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Trailer19th March 2023 • Quantum Living® • Anna Anderson
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Hello and welcome to my Quantum Living® podcast where we talk about things that matter at the intersection of science and spirituality - from energy healing, psychic phenomena and soul journeys, to practical applications of ancient wisdom, the nature of reality, the Conscious Universe and the Omnipresent Intelligence we often call God.

I’m your host – Anna Anderson. Quantum Counsellor and Teacher, Intuitive Guide, Author and business owner in Melbourne, Australia.

This show is about how we can bring the various esoteric concepts and ancient wisdom validated by quantum physics and modern cosmology to the very practical level, to improve and enrich our life experience as individuals, communities and the humankind.

This podcast is engaging, educational, empowering and fun!  It may also surprise or even shock you, as we venture into deep rabbit holes and out on a limb as far as we can.

Each conversation is different. Each guest is unique. Each episode is a story with profound wisdom you may want to listen to more than once.

This show is free, available on demand across the world and the universe, with new episodes released every second Wednesday.

Please visit my website at where you can subscribe to the show; read the show notes, guest profiles and reviews; sign up for my Quantum Talk newsletter; review the podcast and contact me directly from there.

I hope you’ll enjoy the show and become an avid listener of Quantum Living®. And when you do - please share!