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#57 Charlie Harding (Switched on Pop): Daft Funk, TikTok music, canceling Beethoven
Episode 5715th April 2022 • Follow Friday •
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Charlie Harding says he "procrastinates" by watching YouTube videos about sound design. But it's not an aimless hobby, because Charlie is a musician and the co-host of Switched on Pop, Vulture's podcast about the making and meaning of popular music.

"Reporting on music, I'm like, 'I need to understand every little thing about how the songs are made,'" he says. "I frequently will actually recreate songs before I think about how to report on them, because I almost want to get inside the creative mind of the person making it."

Today on Follow Friday, Charlie talks about four of his favorite people he follows online:

  • Someone who makes the internet a better place: Scary Pockets, @scarypockets on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Someone he's jealous of: Cat Zhang, @CatZhang1 on Twitter
  • Someone he has a crush on: Bess Kalb, @bessbell on Twitter
  • Someone who's an expert in a very specific niche he loves: Dan Worrall, @DanWorrall on YouTube

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