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Balancing Sponsorships and Listenership
Episode 3127th September 2022 • The PodCASH Show • Pod Kai Media
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Show Summary: 

Monetizing may sound like the ultimate goal. But after blasting sponsored advertisements, the listenership that you have worked so hard for in the first place loses interest. Is there a way to keep both so your podcast show stays afloat?

It’s always exciting to partner with brands, especially the ones that you’re a fan of.  If you’re a longtime-user and you highly believe in their products, then it's great to partner up with them. 

Aside from that, you also have to make sure that the solution they're offering is the same solution suited for your listeners. Otherwise, it’ll only be a matter of time before you lose them. 

That is why tracking the data and analytics for each episode is a must. If you have sponsors, you can immediately see if continuing the ad insertion is still effective, or you might need to adjust to other placements. 

Episode 31 is the fourth of The Podcash Show’s mini series on how you can make listeners stick with you from beginning to end. I’m here to share with you three tips (3) on how to keep your listeners engaged while earning from your podcast. 

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Exceptional Highlights:

  • Partnering with brands is great. But before you go further and commit to them, you have to make sure that the vision of that company resonates with your listeners.
  • If you have sponsors, check data and analytics per episode. This way, you can make a decision if the ad insertions are effective or not.

Show Highlights:

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  • Create a harmonious listening experience by avoiding repetitive and disruptive presentation of the ad. Relevant brand keywords that support the podcast’s topic will help keep the message fluid and intact.

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  • Prime your audience for transitions using sound effects. Or before diving in to the next topic, give them a heads up that they’ll hear a short commercial break.

Kai 04:31

  • Think long-term and turn down sponsors that do not serve anything valuable or align with your dear listeners. Remember that as you grow your podcast, your audience also grows with you.

Need help in strategizing & monetizing your podcast? Visit our website and book a call with us.

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