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Life Through a Dram - Danny Brown EPISODE 36, 7th February 2020
The Journey to Where We Are

The Journey to Where We Are

Life takes us on many twists and turns. Some, we control, some, we have zero input on whatsoever. Some turns are full of hope, opportunities, moments that turn into memories.

Some are full of desperation, and a reminder of the unfairness that life can throw at us any time. Like the friends I have that are impacted by cancer at the minute, and may be fighting a losing battle, no matter how hard they push back.

These twists and turns make us question the validity of living life well. After all, if we live life to the best we can, and be the best we can, yet still be struck down by something as devastating as cancer… Why bother? Why live life well at all, if that’s our reward?

Except… that’s not our reward. Our reward is continuing to live, and enjoy, and be happy, and bring happiness to others. Because that’s what defines us. That’s what makes us who we are, as I discuss on this week's show.

Topics on the menu include

  • How not to pronounce Glenmorangie :)
  • How small decisions can make big changes
  • How leaps of faith can change lives
  • Why we should look at our life as a reward

Settle back for a chat about fate, destiny, what we can and can't control, and why we shouldn't worry about the stuff outside our control.

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