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002: Seven Things I Got Right in My First Year of Podcasting
Episode 26th November 2019 • Podcasting Is Punk Rock • Josh Liston |
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Josh shares some of the things he got right in his first year of Podcasting. And surprisingly he got some important things right, mostly by accident.

Josh's first show 'DIY Music Movement' was a from-the-trenches music marketing show, that wanted to fill a gap in the industry: “an active musician with a music marketing podcast”.

The Problem: What should I focus on in my first year of podcasting?

The Solution: Focus on the minutes inside the audio content (the topics, the laughs, the serious moments, the preparation, the speech intelligibility, the room acoustics, etc.)


Podcasting Wins in Year One.

  1. Investing in high quality genre appropriate podcast artwork.
  2. Spending at least 4 hours on research and preparation for every episode of the podcast.
  3. Experimenting with new tools early in their development (Auphonic and SoundCloud PRO).
  4. Not being ‘ready’ to interview people, but doing it anyway.
  5. Sharing career failures in a positive and helpful way.
  6. Eliminating crutch words to decrease editing time.
  7. Trusting that the material could really help people. 



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