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The Church Series Season 3: Part 4: Interview w/ Dr. Javier Chavez
11th June 2022 • Bible Theory Podcast • The Chicano Knox
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Welcome to Bibletheory Podcast hosted by The Chicano Knox, live from the reformed underground studios.   

A podcast about the church and for the church, where we study the doctrine of the church and take it to the streets.   

This is episode 4, today we will interview Dr. Javier Chavez, Pastor of Amistad Cristiana a new Hispanic church on Browns Bridge Road in Gainesville. Dr. Chavez is currently nominated for the recording secretary position at this summer’s Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting.   We will discuss his ministry overall & testimony but more importantly, we will discuss today’s subject – How to reach Latinos with the gospel? The two of us have a desire to reach the world, but also our own ethnic group. I will ask him what some strategies are, some of the unique challenges presently, and what does the future of the Latino churches looks like?  

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