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On a Quest to Defend the Arts w/ County Supervisor Jason Haas
Episode 217th November 2020 • Creative MKE • Imagine MKE
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The week on the pod, the gang welcomes County Supervisor Jason Haas for a quest to defend and invest in Milwaukee County arts and culture organizations. We learn about why he is such a great advocate for the County's arts and culture organizations and how in the last two weeks as the Chair of the County's Finance Committee, he was able to both defend against proposed cuts to County funding for the arts and secure CARES Act funds for our region's arts groups. 

#ModernLife Imagine Fitness mini-pod (00:59), Wisconsin Order 94 and the COVID surge (3:00), New artist relief fund efforts (10:32), Supervisor Jason Haas joins the pod (14:14), Formative arts and culture experiences (18:57), Cultural exploration and leadership development through video games (24:01), The intrinsic value of arts and culture (31:44), Potential opportunities to increase public funding for the arts (40:44), El joins conversation on state tax policy (45:05), County CARES Act funding for arts and culture groups (46:00), How the $700,000 allocation came together (52:50), The importance of CAMPAC (56:20), How everyday Milwaukeeans can ensure that arts and culture is supported through public policy (58:58), Best kept secrets in Ultima and in Milwaukee (1:04:43), Plugs (1:09:56) 

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Audio Transitions: "Milwaukee Strong" by Shonn Hinton, featuring The Milwaukee All Stars (SoundCloud)

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