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Face It Together - Recovering from Addiction
Episode 1815th December 2023 • OTR - Achieving Mental Health for Real • Robert Adleman
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In this episode i speak with Kattie Lail, who works on the coaching team for a nonprofit organization called Face It Together. Face it Together provides personalized, nonjudgmental peer coaching for those impacted by addiction, including loved ones.

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Kattie grew up in a home with addiction She was exposed to meth at a very young age. Both her parents struggled with meth addiction, which resulted in a very dysfunctional home. Eventually, she was arrested on federal charges and spent three years in prison. That is when Kattie finally started to accept help from the people around her. She found a loving, supportive community to help her maintain wellness.

Hear the Inspirational story of how Kattie finally got off of drugs after several attempts and turned her life around . She found a job where she could be herself and help others like her recover from addiction and the scars that lead them down the wrong path.

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