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The ‘Wild West’ of Investing and Origins of the Blue Sky Law
Episode 816th September 2022 • Real Life Regulators: Financial Fraud • NASAA
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Before there was digital currency, there was physical currency. Before there was physical currency, there was barter and trade. And if “necessity is the mother of invention,” then the necessity of exchanging currency for goods and services means there was an opportunity for the invention of fraud. Fast forward to today, and investment fraud has remained a constant occurrence – only the tactics continue to change. 

Join us for a special three-part series that explores the different “frontiers” of fraud – from the early days of investing and the origins of the Blue Sky Law, to the “Wild, Wild West” of nontraditional investments within The Metaverse.

This episode is the first part, “The ‘Wild West’ of Investing and Origins of the Blue Sky Law.”

Our guests are Dan Klucas, Kansas Securities Commissioner, and Tom Treacy, the Public Information Officer for the Kansas Insurance Department. Dan and Tom will discuss the history of Blue Sky Laws in Kansas.




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